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BookMyShow revamps it’s mobile site

Entertainment ticketing company BookMyShow has revamped its mobile website by moving to a progressive web app (PWA) that offers an immersive app-like experience to consumers.

The mobile web app is especially targeted at consumers in tier 2 and tier 3 cities who are on low-end smartphones and face poor network connectivity.

BookMyShow’s earlier mobile site was a responsive version of the website, which they realised was turning out to be a friction point to users in terms of experience.

Since launch, the company has witnessed over 80% increase in its conversion rates and the revenue contribution of mobile web to BookMyShow’s topline has increased dramatically.

The mobile web app mimics the recently redesigned BookMyShow app in terms of functionality but is more faster and snappier than the app. One can browse through various movie listings or search for any specific movie, event, play or sporting event and book tickets in a similar flow to the app.

The mobile web app also features the Just For You feature that recommends personalised entertainment suggestions like movies, events and plays to users based on their preferences and previous purchase behaviour.

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